Best way migrate portlet from version 7.0 to 7.1


We are having problems with portlet that were develop using designer 7, we are now using designer 7.1,

The steps are:
import the portet in a new workspace
Execute the repair caf option

Problems encountered:
errors when opening views in desing mode

at runtime some portlet are not behaving the correct way as an example:
we had a portlet with an async button that execute an action and after refresh other control inside the portlet , in 7.1 we get javascript error from the CAF when pressing the button (the action is not being invoke).

Also we have another sitution that we have an async button when click execute an action then set a hideable panel visible, that panel has an include portlet inside, but the include portlet view is not displayed

All of those issues were not present in WM 7.0

If we rebuilt from scratch those portlet with Designer 7.1, then all the above problems are not occuring!

Is there a specificy way of migrating portlet from 7.0 to 7.1

This is definitely unexpected.