Best Practices documentation - Integration Server / CAF / SAP Adapters

Hi people. Do you know if there is documentation available about best practices of the following topics?

  • Integration Server services / ESB Development.
  • SAP Adapter
  • CAF Development

Thanks in advanced.

Most of the best practices are provided in the SAG docs as a TIP or NOTE.

Review the below links: 2nd link gives you more info.

Let me know if you have further questions?

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Most of the org’s follow their own standards as per their policies and they differ from others.


Mahesh, documents seems to be interesting, they helped me. Do you you if there is something similar for Deployer used?
MR as173d, although what you say is true, many times we, as consultors, have to help org’s with this kinds of subjects. It’s part of our added value.


I agree with you Marcelo. I will share if I find any :slight_smile: