benifits of BPM

Hi all,
If we ignore that a BPM has tasks, what are the benifits of having a process instead of direct service invoke with a doc publish and trigger??

Add to this list…

  1. BPM allows us to submits a step if it fails
  2. BPM allows us to monitor and analyse the performance of a process
  3. it alloes us to modify pipeline and resubmit (even if the BPM has failed)
  4. define KPIs…
  • Better understanding and visibility of the entire business process
  • Better error and exception handling
  • Increases the effectiveness of your business
  • Allows you to improve your business processes

For more information, Refer, follwoing guide, secion- Benefits of business process management.

Hi guys,

IMHO, the benefit that BPM brings over a direct service invoke is clarity to the business, which is largely and often overlooked. BPM allows the business and IT to communicate in a similar language, providing higher signal fidelity (reduced loss of message).

More over, the Software AG webMethods Toolkit, especially the newest release, provides a more complete environment, keeping more of the assets within a single environment.