Behaviour og Integrationserver and Broker server when DNS server fails


Both Broker and Integration server are installed in HPUNIX machine and we have about 15 IS and BK servers installed in it.

and Their IP details is configured other DNS Machine. recently we had a issue in our production server…

DNS server which is having all integration server and broker server details was shutdown suddenly then all the integrations servers do not have any issue and they are running fine but all the brokers are down

We still do not know the reason…

My question is if DNS failure happened all the IS and BK should also be down but here only BK server are down what is the reason for this ?

Someone who is having good experience on DNS failures please respond to my above query

When the DNS server goes down do you mean the physical server OS that hosts IS/Broker is down during that scenario?

What ports does IS/Broker running on?..Did you check with network folks on this and troubleshoot?


DNS server is in seperate machine and IS/BK severs are hosted in seperate machine.

All IS and BK are having seperate port deatis. I mean custom ports( ex: IS:11120/BK:10120, IS:11123/BK:10113…)

Communicated with network team but they also do not the exact root cause…

Hoping for the best root cause …

You will need to troubleshoot with the ports/DNS how it being used and connects in the back ground on why broker goes down and not IS keep in mind as they are not hosted on the same server probably IS might not have affected with DNS shutdown:


Thanks for the Update RMG…

IS and BK are in one machine that is on same host( HPUNIX machine) and DNS server is hosted on seperate Machine.

Keep me post you suggestions and opinions to find out the root cause…

I have done deep analysis on this issue I found the root cause of this issue

We have UNIX script which will monitor Broker IP in DNS server and have another script which will start or stop the server based on return code that monitoring script get from DNS server.

Return code was not matching with the condition in start/stop script… so the reason script stopped all the servers.

Glad to hear you found the root cause your self: