Beginners struggle with publish.reply error

Hi I’m struggling with a veru simple but annoying problem any help would be welcome.

I have a document that I publish in service ‘A’ using the publish and wait service. The document triggers another service, ‘B’, that extracts some data. The response document is then formatted, the data included and the response document published using the reply service. Service ‘A’ successfully receives the response document, extracts the data and is quite happy.

My problem is that the Service ‘B’ causes an exception and gives the following error to the integration server " No waiting thread for document id: 1196. Requestor may have timed out". Obviously the document id changes every time.

Here are some extra snippets of information so you know what I have already looked.

  1. I use the enveloppe from the initial document to return the Response doucment.
  2. The wait time on the publish and wait has been set very high and the data is returned well inside that time.
  3. The number of threads has been increased to ensure that this is not the problem.
  4. I have stepped through code that performs similarly without the error and cannot identify any notable differences from mine.

Any thoughts suggestions or comments, all welcome

Check code of service ‘B’ you may have 2 replies in code. So service ‘B’ is replying once, and than it is replying second time but service one already got response so is no more waiting for response.

Check your triggers