BE Package losing subscriptions

The following has been experienced at two different companies.

The B-E Package loses subscriptions to the events it is supposed to process. Various techniques can be used to re-establish proper operation (restart the adapter, touch one of the integrations) but these are stop-gap measures. We’ve been unable to identify the root cause nor a permanent solution. One theory is that changes to event types can cause this symptom but this doesn’t seem to be consistent.

This is with 4.1 and the 4.5 B-E Package.

Anyone else experienced this and found a permanent solution?

Rob,Is the ADK-rt 4.2 installed on the entrprise side?

I believe the B-E install does that. At least the install process on my machine says something like “appropriate ADK already exists”.

Have you guys not run into this? And I thought you were still running the B-E Bridge 4.1, not the B-E Package 4.5?

At any rate, I suppose I need to identify what files make up the ADK and figure out what the file dates are supposed to be. Any guidance on that?


We had the the same problem yesterday.We are trying to talk with Wm support to identify this one.

They have put it in as the ADK-rt 4.2 issue.