batch file execution from webmethods

Hi Friends, we can execute windows batch file from webMethods locally(wm installed in same windows server) or remotey(by giving the shared path)

in the same way can we execute remote windows batch file from webMethods which is installed in UNIX



Replying in an old forum since i am not sure how to post a new one. I would like to know if there is any in-build webMethods service which can help us to directly invoke a windows batch file residing in same server. We use WM version 9.9 and use windows servers. Apart from invoking the service, i also need to pass a parameter to the batch file. Kindly help. Thanks in advance.

there is no built-in service available to make a System call and run the OS scripts but you can write one custom Java Service to accomplish and pass the input command

Sample Snippet of the JS attached for your reference and customize it based upon your needs:


Sample_sysCommand_JS.txt (4.15 KB)