Basic question regarding to Broker Server and Polling mechanism

Following are some questions could anyone answer these ?

1.what is difference between Broker server and local broker of integration server ? are they same ?
2.while polling data through adapter connection with the help of source service from source to webMethods it is actually polled by integration server or integrations servers local broker ? who is responsible to initiate the polling, Broker or Integration server ?
3. Does polled data comes in document? if yes where it gets stored on Brokers cache memory or Brokers queue ?
4. If there is separate broker server why exactly we need Local broker component ?

Hi Prasad,

sounds like some certification questions to me.

IntegrationServer polls the Broker to check if it is available.

As far as I know there is no local Broker component.

Data is usually stored in the Broker Storage and is only buffered by IS locally before it is transferred to Broker or after it has been transferred from Broker.

Currently there is no need for any adapter as all broker related functions should be used by Built-In-Services of the IS.

Please note that Broker 9.6 is the last version of Broker and that it will be replaced by Universal Messaging Component soon.