Basic notification

The following integration has to be implemented in my Integration Server (IS):

Every time an insert or update operation is performed in an Oracle Database, the changes have to be
reflected in WmMonitor.

Is there any way to monitor the oracle database in order to notify (i.e., the IServer got to know that some change occurred in the Orac DB) that an insert or update operation
was performed.

The Publishing-and-Subscribe Model is the best way to implement this notification service, Im using basic notification it runs fine manually im able to see all the processes on Monitor but we want it to run it automatically whenever a change occurs …

Any ideas how guyz ?
Any help will be appreciated.

We have created buffer tables that can hold key information about changes in the table(s)(e.g. insert/update etc.)

Created a trigger on the table(s) which will add an entry to the buffer table.

Hi Leon,
After Configuring JDBC connection, Kindly refer WmJDBCAdapterUserGuide.pdf for managing polling notifications.

Once you configured polling interval, then your table will be polled after the specified interval for any insert/update on table.

Puneet Saxena

Yeah thats exactly what i did thanks, and it worked but still having some broker issues for which we have contacted our EAI team. Hope it works.

Thanks for replying.