Basic notification Publishing multiple times

I have created basic notification on buffer table, but the publish notification is firing in this sequence

First time 1
Second time 1 -> 2
Third Time 1 -> 2 -> 2 -> 3

can any one give input

Thanks in advance,


While creating basic notification, click “Exactly Once Notification” and
“Delete Selected Records”

From JDBC Adapter User Guide :

“To monitor database changes, a Basic Notification queries the buffer table. Basic Notifications provide you with the flexibility to manage buffer tables, such as a table with user privileges, and to tailor your own database monitoring methods for producing notification data. By default, after the data is retrieved and processed, it is deleted from the buffer table to ensure that the data is not processed multiple times. If you do not choose the default, that is, if you do no not allow the adapter to delete data from the buffer table, be sure that you use some other means to purge the data so that data does not get published more than once.”

Hope it helps.