Basic Notification In Oracle


Can some one tell me how to control the selection of records to only once in Oracle.


I have to get all the data from Table1 only once , using a Basic Auto Notification I get all the data and publish that and later convert into flat file format but the problem is how do I limit the selection to only once.

I tried using the delete selected records(check box) but it deletes all the records in the table which should not happen.

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I am not clear. If you want to select the records only once why not use Select. Can you explain what exactly you want here.

Hi RS,

I am using Select to select the records. My problem starts after selecting the records. I wish that records to be selected only once i.e…, it keeps getting that same records again and again which I don’t want.

Hope I am clear now…At the same time I don’t want the records to be deleted from the database either.


Well. In that case probably the best approach is to modify the table to include a flag. After selecting the records you can use another operation to update the flag to mark them as selected and not select them the next time. If you don’t want to disturb the table you can create a buffer table manually where you can insert the key of the selected records, which can be used to filter the selection.

another way to do it is,

you retreive a record, and then run a delete operation and delete that record.


Well, There is a work around,
You can have a notification for the notification.

That is,

let’s say you use table A for keeping the records, put a trigger on table A that populates Table B. let webmethods poll Table B and delete records from table B… that will allow you to keep data in table A intact.

or use timestamps in select statment :o)