Basic Notification disabled..query

Hi All,
I have disabled a BasicNotification, i just want to confirm that whether the buffer table, trigger is disabled or dropped? and what is the difference when (disabling these notifications) same thing happens with insert,Update and Delete Notifications as well…Its urgetnt please help me out.
I have searched some threads regarding the same but none is helpful to me


When Basic notication is created it doesnt create trigger and buffer table by wM. so disabling the notication itself should be good enough.


A publishable document is created when a basic notification is created on a table and it gets published for every record inserted in to the table(record is deleted from th etable for every publish).

Hope this helps!


No, they are not.

The difference is basic notifications do nothing with the DB objects when being enabled and disabled.

Are you saying basic notications also creates DB Objects(trigger and buffer table) but doesnt use them.

No. Basic notifications do nothing to create or drop DB objects. The buffer table and trigger are to be created and dropped manually. The value of this approach:

  • Some DB teams grant create/drop privileges to only select accounts. If this is a restriction, the insert/update/delete notifications cannot be used.

  • Prior to the suspend state being added (I don’t know what version introduced this), one could only disable a notification. This would drop the buffer table and trigger, which could cause undesired loss of events.

My preference is always to use basic notifications. That way, one doesn’t have to remember the difference between disable and suspend, and one won’t lose events if someone accidentally disables a notification.

yeah I agree with you and we use BAsic notification . I might have misunderstood your answer before.