backward compatability of code from 6.5 to 6.0.1/6.1

We currently have ES 4.X, IS 6.0.1, and IS 6.1 instances running at our company. Recently we kicked off a project to migrate the ES components to IS 6.5 and we reached a consensus to migrate all our IS’s to 6.5 so we have a standard environment. That being said, we will be upgrading our dev IS’s first and after we have the procedure nailed down we will do the same in Production.
There might be a slight time-lag before we upgrade our production servers. Especially the 6.x ones.
My question is, if we upgrade our dev servers to 6.5 and the developers do some development on 6.5, will there be any problem that you guys are aware of that we might face while deploying this on the 6.0.1 or 6.1 servers in Production?

To sum it all up in one line " Does anyone know if there are backward compatability issues for code developed on 6.5 and deployed on 6.1?"

Thanks in advance!


There are some new services in 6.5 that would not work on a 6.1 server. Also, some built-in service may have changed slightly.

The best way to prepare for this is to review the release notes for 6.5 to identify any deprecated services, new services or changed services. Unfortunately, the release notes may not identify each of these cases.

You could probably create temporary coding standards to avoid most issues, but should certainly make thorough QA testing on a 6.1 IS box a part of your deployment process.

Also, Developer 6.5 can connect to IS 6.5, but you will get a warning about some unsupported features.