backup and restore into a new server/enironment eg for BCP

Hi I have tried back up and restore into a new server eg. for BCP purpose, but looks like we run into security issue after the restoration.

backup command used:
inoadmin backup CentraSite %BACKUP_HOME%

restore command used:
inodmp datab=CentraSite backup_file=“%BACKUP_HOME%%DBFile%” restore=*

“Moving a CentraSite Database to Another Machine / Disaster Recovery”

Hi Douglas

I am using CentraSite CE, and I don’t have this cmd file… in my windows C:\SoftwareAG\CentraSite\bin\cfg. Can you point me out if it is only available for SOA edition only.

Here is CS CommEdition info
Build Date:2009-11-23 04:27 PM
Build Number: 3319

the described script is part of the CentraSite 8.2 distribution. BTW, did the server name change for the new server? Which OS are we talking about?

Thanks for your attention. I would like to move the content of the server to a new server eg. from PROD to DEV so play around with. The CS Community is running on window, with OS authentation.

bump! :-). I also use Centrasite CE and would like to know if it is possible to move db (backup/restore) or import/export data between two Centrasite servers.

Hello guys,

the recommended way to move assets/objects between CentraSites is export/import. In case you encounter warnings during export, pay close attention to them and resolve them beforehand. In case you encounter warnings/errors during import, the importer will tell you what is missing and you have to import it beforehand, the correct sequence is essential here.


Looks like it has also moved… seems like there should be an easier way to find this…