Back up of existing CAF portlets & process models


Can any one of you please advise, how do I take a back up of existing portles (CAF)? I can see a portlet on MWS server which was already developed and running fine. I want to take a back up of this, so that if any severe issue with server, I can use this backed up one. My current set up is “Stage” environment.

Also please advise, if I can find and import the process models which are already developed and running on our remote server? I had searched for the installation folders “IS/Packages/wMRosettaNet/import” and some other folders. But could not fiind any models stored.

Thanks in advance.

Sathishkumar Batta

There can be different ways and levels of backup strategy.
I am not sure about processes. However, portlet war files are kept in MWS server’s “\MWS\server<server name>\deploy” directory.
Further to export/import content you can use Administrative Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export. You will need sysadmin user to access it.