B2BServerPackage Adapter configuration

i’m trying to configure the B2BServerPackage intelligent Adapter, but when i test the configuration i’ve the next error message:

Task: Start adapter process in test mode:
[Adapter] (085) The adapter process could not start up.
Unable create transaction state - details: com.wm.app.repo.RepositoryException: com.wm.util.queue.ValuesHashException: malformed header. missing ‘[’ ([TxMgr] Open/Load JobStore)

Because of the errors shown above, this adapter process cannot be enabled! You can only save this entry without enabling it.

Could someone help me?

thanks in advance

Fran -

I’d suggest forgoing the B2BServerPackage and ask your sales rep for the 4.7 bridge which implements a broker client rather than an Intellegent adapter.

Thanks Steve,

But i think that is not possible to change to the 4.7 bridge because is mandatory to use the Broker Package in the communication between IS and ES. I will get some information about 4.7 bridge. Maybe a good solution for this project or for projects in the future, because we have a lot of problems with the installation of this adapter.

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The 4.7 bridge is a direct replacement of the 4.6 Broker Adapter and gives a good performance boost as well.


Bridge 4.6 has problems with Tcontext/B2B Guaranteed delivery and multiple adapter instances or threads. 3 quick hits to check on the ES side of the bridge:

  1. of adapter instances is 1 in Adapter Config or Manager (default)

  2. Multi-threading is turned off (default)
  3. Each Bridge Adapter instance points to a unique Tcontext and log directory.

Otherwise, you repository could be in trouble and require further diagnosis.

Let me know what works.

V601 “bridge” is similar to V47 bridge also, in that is is a client to the broker. We’ve had V46 bridge, then V47 bridge (for performance reasons), and now are in prod with V601.
Note on V601 bridge: Retry doesn’t work unless you call a ISRuntimeException in your catch. (ServiceException will not cause a retry)

Is “V601 Bridge” a product that works with the ‘4.6 Platform’ or is it only for the ‘601 Platform’. I am curious, b/c I have not heard of “V601 Bridge”, unless you are referring to the native commmunication between IS and Broker in webMethods 6? I would like to know if theree is a later Bridge than the 4.7 Bridge, for the ‘4.6 Platform’. Please clarify what “v601 Bridge” is. Thanks.

Hi All,
I am trying to list up the models in WmMonirtor homepage and getting the following error.
“Could not retrieve model list: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.wm.monitor.permission.AttributeSetStorageException: Error instantiating AttributeSet prefs: com.wm.app.repo.RepositoryException: com.wm.util.queue.ValuesHashException: No suitable driver”

Can any one help me to sort out this error.


We are developing Interface using webMethods4.6. We are using Broker Package version 4.7. webMethods receive XML from source Application which invokes a service on IS, after manipulation, the document needs to be published to Broker. For publishing document to broker, Document Type is required to be created on Broker. I’ve imported XML into Integration server, but when I try to create Document type on Enterprise server using WMEnterprise utility, its erroring out saying ES doesnt support characters above 009F. The Enterprise Server does not support field names containing the XML characters (i.e., @ *) that are in Integration Server services or records. Removing the * and @ from record on IS manuallyis one option but in case record is too big then it would be a problem. In Broker Package 4.7 release notes its specifically written that to get this capability we need to contact webMethods Customer Care. Did anybody earlier contacted customer care and got the solution, can anyone please help me on this.