B2B server CPU load increasing to 99 %

On a windows 2000 machine we have a simple B2B server installation.
In this installation the java process gradually increases its CPU utilization from a few percents at start/restart up to 100 % after a few days.
B2B Server version is 4.0, on IBM JRE 1.3.0
Has anybody similar problems, can this be solved by using a different JRE?

I am also seeing a similar behaviour on our setup on Windows 2000 using B2B 4.02 and TN 4.5.

Clean up out date files in your WmRepository2 directory will help.

I suppose you have to stop the server before you can delete any files here.
How can you determine the files that are out dated?

Now this webMethods installation does not contain a WmRepository2 directory. there is a WmRepository3 directory however.
There is little to no documentation on these to find. What do they do? How do they work? How can they be managed?
I would appreciate any enlightenent on this subject very much.

I never saw a reply to this and I am very interested in the answer.


You are right, I had to shut down once in a while to clean up those mess. For now, I will just delete everything in the folder because I know there were no jobs going on, so I won’t lose anything. There must be some WM issues here

We are running 3.6 so this may not apply.