Averagely distributed docs from Broker

I am publishing docs from IS A to Broker, the same service is in IS B and IS C can process them, and they are not in a cluster. but I expect the docs can be averagely distributed to the IS B and C.
How should we subscribe the doctype from IS B and IS C?
What can I do about it?:confused:

Define the same client prefix in each IS when configuring the Broker connection. Each IS must have the same triggers and services. How documents are distributed will depend in part on how the documents are published and the order configuration.

Thank you, Reamon!
I’m a beginner in Broker, but it will be used for our new project.
A DMZ server used to receive the EDI850 (POs) from customer and 2 AP servers used to process the purchase orders. I defined the broker doc type for EDI850 docs in the broker, both of AP servers subscribe the doc type and have the same triggers and services.
For instance, we receive 10 EDI 850 docs in our DMZ server and publish them into the broker queues, but both of them will receive and process them. the data will be processed twice. It’s not our expectation. And that we cannot find the trigger filter conditions because of the same data type.
How should I publish them and configure to distribute the 10 docs to 2 AP servers? Thanks!

Are both IS instances configured to use the exact same Broker prefix? If not, each IS instance will receive every 850. Refer to the publish/subscribe developer’s guide.

Thank you Rob,
I Checked the config on 2 IS and the Broker Host, Port, Client Group, Client Prefix is the same: Settings > Broker > Click on Edit Broker Settings
Is the Broker prefix you mentioned the same as the Client Prefix ?

Hi Rob, you are right.
I found the folder of the trigger in 2 IS was different. It works fine once I correct it.
Thanks so much!