Automating IS server configuration updates

My company processes B2B electronic invoices, and we use webMethods to interface with our user community in the receipt and transmission of documents. Currently we have a cluster of 6 WM servers. Several times a week, we need to update our IS servers to add new user configurations or update existing user configurations. Presently, this means we are logging into each IS server’s web interface and manually implementing these changes. Having to perform updates on 6 servers is tedious if not mind-numbing, and we would like to automate this.

These are the tasks we regularly perform on each IS server:

1. Add IP address to the allow list
2. Delete EP address from the allow list
3. Install new client certificate and map it to DUNS number.
    -- certificate files are currently distributed by scripts
4. Remove existing client certificate
5. Import a partner profile into Trading Networks and verify it is active
    -- sometimes this involves overwriting an existing profile
6. Add a user and add it to a TNPartners group
7. Add a Remote Server Alias
8. Modify IP address for Remote Server Alias
9. Reload CommonUtilsPropertyMap package

We would very much like to write a script/program that does this on ALL nodes in the background. In otherwords, a script would be invoked with the configuration changes passed in on the command line, and internally the script would know how to connect and manipulate ALL servers in the clusters and direct all servers to effect the changes immediately.

I have been searching/reading through WM documentation and forums and have been unsuccessful in finding any pertinent documentation or forum thread; I’m relatively new to webMethods, so perhaps I’m not searching for the correct terms. I suspect other organizations have had to deal with this problem and do not manually implement such changes, especially as I’m certain many organizations have much larger clusters than we do. I’ve looked at the Deployer, but my understanding it is used to deploy new servers and not used to update configurations of existing IS servers as I’ve listed above.

Has anyone automated their IS server configuration updates that I’ve listed above? If so, can you please point me to the appropriate documentation/resource that outlines how to do this? We are using webMethods 8.2.

Thank you in advance,


Most of these activities can be done using services under WmRoot package.
Pls consult with Software AG to see if you are allowed to call them directly.