Automatic population of a pick list

Is it possible to automatically populate a variable pick list from somewhere else?

i.e. Have a string list created from a table somewhere, that could then populate the pick list of a string variable. So the next time a developer picks that flow service and double clicks the input to select from the possible options, it’s already been populated with the latest updates.

This is so we don’t have to keep manually adding new options to a pick list, as some of the lists can be quite large and it’s a pain having to edit the lists manually then release the updated packages through to each system we have.


This is not possible using standard behaviour.

Only way to do this(at your own risk) is to write a service that modifies the corresponding node.ndf file and populates the picklist as needed. The service should also reload the corresponding package after node.ndf is modified.

The picklist is stored in node.ndf(xml) at the following element

record name=“svc_sig” >>> record name=“sig_in” >>> array name=“rec_fields” >>> record >>> array name=“field_options”