Automate notification on service locking information

Hello All,

  1. I have a situation where I would like to get all the package names in an IS server where at least one of the items of the package are locked by any user. I’m using both Wm8.2 and 6.5 versions.

  2. Then I would need to send an email including those package names to a group which I can do by SMTP. But my issue is get point 1 solved

You could use wm.server.ns:getAllLockedNodes.

Xiaowei Wang,

But doing so, I will be using WmRoot package which I think I’m not supposed to use. Is there any other way apart from using WmRoot to accomplish this? Thank you.

You can use the services in WmRoot at your own risk. You must check if the service wm.server.ns:getAllLockedNodes exists in wM 6.x and 8.x IS’s. If not you will find something similar to this.

Hi M@he$h
Thanks for the reply.

But we have set of rules in our project that does not allow use of any WmRoot services.

I do not need any information on user who locked the item. I just need the package name if any locks are present in it. But I do not see any inbuilt service to do so. So is there any place in IS where I can get to see if a package is locked?

Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no OOTB services to do this but if you are allowed to write custom java service in your project then you can refer the wM IS Java API.

However you can see the nodes locked in a package on IS administration page somewhere in packages management.

Ok Thank you all. I will try to go through java API or request the project to use WmRoot.

Sure you could use Java API, because services in WmRoot use it too, but these APIs are not public, so you will have a higher risk then using WmRoot services.
Using services in WmRoot could be very useful and saves huge time costing, just be careful when upgrade to new version.

Hi All,

I’m allowed to use WmRoot. So the first problem is solved.

But the locked elements are show as document names. I have attached screenshot of the output. I need the document names(locked element names) into a temporary string. How can I get the these names into a string? Thank you.