Authentication issue pub.client.soapHTTP


We have just migrated to a new environment.

We are facing the issues with the pub.client.soapHTTP service

We need to make a soap call to localhost itself,
so authentication parameters should not be required
while making SOAP call, but wM is
throwing exception when not providing any of the details.

Exception : [ISC.0064.9314]
Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied

When we provide the username / password and run the
service, it is running fine
But after that, if we remove the username / password, we are
able to make the call successfully.

Same problem is seen when running the instance through another
developer instance.

This problem was not present on our previous environment. Is there a specific property in the server.cnf file (or any other .cnf file that we might be specifying incorrectly)

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