ATTACHMENT handling in webMethods......SOAP Webservices

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I need to create a flow service(which will be exposed as Webservice),
when the caller invokes this webservice, webMethods service should get ATTACHMENT from Oracle DB and send it back to caller service.

  1. How to get the attachment/doc(in the form of blob) to webMethods using JDBC adapter, Is it possible through procedures?

  2. How to handle the incoming file from Oracle, in webMethods?

  3. How to send the attachment(in which format) to caller service along with soap response?

I have gone through so many threads related, but I couldn’t find my solution.

Please respond to this thread, may helpful to so many…

we are using…
webMethods 7.1.3
Oracle 9i
JDBC Adapters

THANKS in Advance

Could some one please give some idea on the above thread,