ATC & Notifier client group


I am using WM Enterprise Server 4.1. I have bi-directional integration.

Can we have Notifier adapter and ATC adapter in different client groups. ATC blueprint is invoked by Notifier event from Notifier adapter. Is there some queue…logging problem related to this.


Yes, the notifier and ATC for a given integration can be in different client groups.

What specific problem are you running into?


There should be no intrinsic problem. We do it frequently and it works fine.

Make sure the notifier’s client group has pub permissions for the notification event (document in the new lingo) and the ATC’s client group has sub permissions for the same event.

If you have problems then you will need to elaborate the problems and the configuration.


Mark Thomsen

Thanx a lot for your prompt reply.

As of now, I am not facing any problem. But one of my colleague pointed out that this is the suggested way from WebMethods.

It’s working smooth… but, I just wanted to verify about such a requirement.

Thanx for your support
Navneet Goel