ATC Blueprint & Ruleset Batch Import/Export

Has anyone developed a batch import/export process for ATC 4.1.1 blueprints and rulesets?

We developed one for ATC 1.1. It uses the AdminClient API and scans through the repository and exports blueprints and rulesets to individual ADL files. It can also import all the ADL files in a directory.

However, it took some time and iteration to figure out exactly what to import/export. Now, ATC 4.1.1 has a completely different and less friendly format. So, I’m just wondering if anyone has already been through the pain and would like to share what they learned.

Background - ATC 1.1 and 4.1.1 both support import/export for individual blueprints and rulesets as xml files. But, this is not sufficient for packaging and deploying 100s of blueprints and rulesets.