ATC Basic Question


How can i use ATC feature with Intelligent Adapters.


I heard that the use of ATC Agent adapters is being phased out and concept provided within the Intelligent Adapter.
Is it true?
If yes, how do we achieve it through Intelligent Adapter?


Any Agents can done via the ILA Adapter - Intelligent Logic Agent. You can build logic using the this adapter.

The concept of guaranteed delivery is provided by the Logger Adapter 4.5.2. This adapter helps logging of data, error and state level during run-time of the integration.

These intelligent adapters help replace the concept of ATC Agents.

The ATC provided the following functions:

  • Client-side queueing (documents queued in a table for subsequent transmission to the broker)

  • Once-only, guaranteed delivery

  • Tracking and retry of documents (events)

  • The ability to do DB transactions

The bulk of these facilities can now be handled using intelligent adapters. For example, the intelligent DB adapter provides all of these facilities except the tracking and retry. Tracking and retry are provided by the Logger adapter, as Sharath has pointed out.

The ATC is one of many adapters/frameworks that have been deprecated by wM. They will be supported for a while to support existing installations but eventually we’ll all need to migrate.

Anyone used the Logic Adapetr (ILA). Examples or any
knowledge sharing is greatly appreciated

Are you referring to the standard ILA? (not the Intelligent ILA). I’ve done a bunch of work with it. It is more or less deprecated so if you haven’t deployed it/used it yet you probably shouldn’t. Or are you trying to support existing stuff? Do you have some specific questions?