At maximum 1 active data points are allowed to be selected

Hi Team,

As shown in the image below, I would add Multiple Data Points to the Customs Widget.

But however, I was not able to add more than one data point and i am getting a pop-up message as

At maximum, one active data point is allowed to be selected.

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve this?


You need to add same widgets multiple times with different data points.
For example, in your image, Data points map widgets added 4 times in dashboard.

HI Darpan,

Agreed, for multiple maps, I need to add multiple widgets. If you observe the provided image in each map, we can see that multiple data points have been displayed. While I am selecting data points, it is not allowing me to add more than one data point.

My Question: How can i add more than one data point in Each widget?

Thanks’ in Advance.

You need to select group during configuration. Once you select group, all devices will display on map.
See below image for reference.

Please make sure that devices in the group have location configurated and all devices have same measurements(fragment and series)

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