Asynchronous B2B services connection problem

In a 4.0.1 Integration Server with Trading Networks, I experience the following problem:
When two processes connect to the same destination by ftp simultaniously, they influence each other, or seem to be the same connection object. When one of them closes its ftp connection the second one fails with error message ‘Not logged in!’. This occurs when the services are configured in the TN processing rule to execute asynchonously. When I configure them synchronously the error does not occur.
I think this is a bug. Does anybody know the fix for this?

This is most definitely a bug. The session key being returned by the login ftp service is the same for all sessions being opened with the same user id. As far as I know, it might be the same for different user id’s as well, but I know for a fact it is the same for different flow services logging on with the same user id, because I checked the session key. I was gettnig the same weird behavior you were. I’ve got an open ticket on this with webMethods - I escalated it yesterday. I am expecting a patch and will keep you posted with what I find…

Have you had any feedback on this bug as we now are facing the same problem?

any updates on this??? we’re experiencing the same exact problem… WM should not share FTP sessions across the server…

We saw this same problem, very frustrating. Apparently in an effort to be efficent webMethods IS tries to share FTP connection resources but it is buggy and steps all over itself corrupting the settings of existing FTP threads.

The big trick here is to use a reverse invoke to call the FTP get or put. Doing this will force IS to create a new thread for your transfer thereby avoiding any FTP session settings crosstalk.

Also be sure you are closing the ftp connection when you’re done with it in your flow, just in case.