Async Tree Control Parameter Binding Question


I have an Async Tree table which displays various results with an id for each one. When the user toggles a row then a child row is opened which contains a link to a particular method.
I have set the Command Link Control Parameter to the value of this same column which I can retrieve in the called method as usual, but I am also trying to pass the parent row id using a Control Parameter which does not work.
To be clear the data for each parent/child row is from a ListTreeContentProvider with most of the data displayed in the parent row & the rest, including the link column data displayed on toggle in the child row.

I have also tried the following in the called method -

if(this.getTreeResultProvider().getParentId() != null){
return this.getTreeResultProvider().getValue("parentID").toString();

But this always returns the parentID of the first row as getParentId() is null.

Anybody point me in the right direction


Hi All

Realised that I can get the parentID of the current child row containing my link using control parameters and get the value I want using this parentID -

String parentRowID = PortalServlet.getCurrentRequest().getParameter("parentRowID");
String parentValue = this.getTreeResultProvider().getValue("requiredValue").toString();