Async Commnad - Validation - Immediate - TextBox - Bug


I’m having the following problem:


I have a form with a few controls (various type text, combo, date) and also an async command button. I use the async command button to fetch data from a flow service. The async command button calls an Action Data Flow. This action data flow does three things:

1 - Set the input parameters of the web service connector
2 - Call the Refresh Action of the web service connector
3 - Get the output values of the web service connector.

This works fine until I needed to set the required attributes to some of the form fields.

When the user invokes a command, even an async command, (and the command is not set to immediate) the entire form containing the command is processed using the standard JSF lifecycle. One phase of that lifecycle is the ProcessValidations phase, which validates the form. If any fields fail validations, the processing is aborted.

If the command is set to immediate, the ProcessValidations, UpdateModelValues, and InvokeApplication phases of the JSF lifecycle are skipped, and the command’s action is invoked immediately (at the end of the ApplyRequestValues phase). This means that none of the form’s fields are updated (which occurs during the UpdateModelValues phase).

This is the behavior defined by the JSF spec. For more information about the JSF lifecycle, see the Java EE Tutorial at “”, or the CAF and JSF article on the CAF SDK at “”.



I’m still a little confused.