Async Command Link - Control Parameter

Hi All,
I have a Async Command Link with a Control Parameter inside it to set a portlet preference. And the Action command is bind to a java method which sets some variables.

But weirdly the action never gets invoked. However when I remove the control parameter from the link, it works perfectly. Is there an issue with the Async Command Link with Control Parameter inside it ?

I have used this combination in my earlier projects and never had issues with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MWS Version:
Fixes: MWS_8.0_SP2_Fix14,MWS_8.0_SP2_Fix18


By not working do you mean the button is no longer clickable or after clicking the action doesn’t gets invoked.
If it is the second one then try debugging through firefox and see if there are any javascript errors on the page after click on that button.
also try some javascripts on button events (onClick etc) to see where it is getting stuck.