Async button refresh issue

In my CAF screen I’ve one propertyGroup in which I have two property line with text Inbox in it. On submit button modalDialog pops up and displays some text and it got one async button. On async button action i am resetting value of text boxes inside property line to empty ("") and refreshing propertyline from asyn command button refresh property. But only one propertyline is getting refreshed and other one is not.

Has anyone faced such issue ever? Any suggestions to solve this issue?

Hi Vikas, Are you refreshing the property group or property line ? To refresh both the property lines

  1. Refresh the property group
  2. Refresh the 2 property lines , separating them by comma in refresh property.
  3. Also check their bindings in case values are mapped to other fields also

Hi Vikas,

Can you please explain how you are resetting the text boxes in the property group. Can you please share the setting where and what to set ?