Asset type like ESB service, ESB document type in Active SOA

Hi all,

I’ve just seen various asset type like ESB package/sevice/document type and etc. in CentraSite mediator demo.
As I know, there’s no other predefined asset types beside web service, XML and contract in CetnraSite 7.1 version.

My question is,
Are those asset types (ESB service…) in Demo is pre-built in 8.0?
If not, how can CentraSite interact with Integration Server? How can we add IS service to CentraSite?

Thanks in advance.


those asset types will be included as part of CentraSite ActiveSOA General Availability. The webMethods suite 8.0 products like IS, BPMS can utilize CentraSite as central metadata store and are able to publish their artefacts directly to CentraSite using webMethods Designer.


Thank you for your reply.

Then we can create virtualize service and apply policy for ESB service like web service?
If possible, I think it would be great merit for webMethods ESB customers to adopt SOA Governance.


there are several aspects with regard to this integration:

  • Publishing of metadata from wM Designer for BPMS/IS/CAF artefacts to CentraSite to get a holistic view on their dependencies
  • Re-Use of Services managed by CentraSite in wM Designer (eg. dragging a service from CentraSite Eclipse Plugins to process development canvas
  • Mediation of Services: The mediation is accomplished by webMethods Mediator working together with CentraSite.