AS400 transaction isolation

We are struggling with an integration that uses basic notification from a DB2/400 table. We have a trigger that causes records to be inserted into the buffer table when records are inserted into the base table. The application that is doing the insert is a traditional AS/400 RPG app. We have been having quite a few record contention issues when the polling tries to access the buffer table before the back end application does a commit. We have played with the JDBC settings quite a bit and are not using “transaction isolation=read committed”, and autocommit=off which seems to solve most of our problems, but we still get a situation when a user session gets disconnected with uncommitted records, our adapter will wait indefinitely for the records to be committed or rolled back (or the user session is killed).

I wish the adapter would behave like Oracle does, i.e. totally ignore uncommitted records, but this is the best we have been able to figure out so far. It won’t read uncommitted records (which is good), but instead of ignoring them, it waits for the commit or rollback.

Does anyone know a better way of handling this?