AS/400 and EnterpriseOne Adaper Availability

We are in the process of upgrading 7.1.2 to 9.0. Also checking need for updating other components.

The Product Version Availability documentation on empower website mentions about availability of other adapters but It does not mention about AS/400 and Peoplesoft EnterpriseOne Adapter version availability and EOM/EOSS.

As per product documentation 6.0.1 and 8.98 versions of both adapters available.

Any thoughts on this?

Also, When does EOM and EOSS of Enterprise1 6.5.2 version ends?


I believe you should really check either the 9.x system requirements documents and current Adapter documents for AS400 and E1 side.

For EOM/EOS please reach out to SAG support (eService) and take inputs from them and its faster response:


Thanks rmg.

This information is not available in 9.X system requirements document.

However, I found some clues in webMethods Adapter System Requirements (Document ID: WEBM-ADAPTER-SYS-20131014)

AS/400 6.0.1 is supported in wM 9.0 SP1. As per the table they have.

However, wM 9.0 SP1 entry does not exist for PeopleSoft Enterprise One Adapter version 8.97 and 8.98. Which probably hints that this adapter is not supported in wM 9.0 Or it is documentation error.

This makes me nervous and probably we will need to probe Software AG through Service Request.

Yes please raise an SR with SAG support and could be documentation bug or not clarify with support: