AS/400 Adapter 601 in a clustered IS 712 environment

The AS/400 adapter documentation tells, that it does not support a clustered IS environement, see page 14:
“Important! AS/400 Adapter 6.0.1 is not supported in a clustered Integration Server environment.”


  1. Customer has bought the adapter and needs the AS400 connectivity urgently. Is there a workaround getting the adapter running on a clustered IS712?
  2. Could you explain which features do work in an IS cluster and which do not. As far as I know only notifications are a problem in a cluster.
  3. Customer will use only “callProgram” and “callCommand” services, they will NOT use notifications. Can confirm that these services will work in an IS 712 cluster?
  4. Are there plans to make this adapter cluster aware? Which version?