Arrays as inputs to portlets

is it possible to have an array of elements as portlet inputs using preferences?

Can you pass the equivalent of an IS document list using an object?

I have tried string array but am struggling - is there an example or some steps to follow?



Hi Niall,

How are doing? Were you able to get through this issue?

We are having a similar scenario where we need to pass an array(String[]) as input to a portlet. Since it is a String[], I am trying to pass it in preferences and URL’s query-string as comma separated string, then convert it back to a String[] inside the portlet before passing as input to the IS web-service.

Can you throw some light on how you achieved this?

Appreciate your help.


Using portlet preferences you can only pass String[], but no Object[].
If both portlets are part of the same application, you could use request attributes to pass that data between both portlets.

hope this helps,