ARIS 10 SR8 release

The key to successful business transformation initiatives is a clear focus on the organization’s operations and a continuous optimization towards excellence. With the newest ARIS10 SR8 service release, we provide many new features with one common goal: to help you making change happen!

With ARIS 10 SR8, we will introduce new features as well as many technical and usability improvements:

  • Attractive use experience
  • Improved accessibility
  • Support of large enterprise scenarios
  • Smart modeling and notation support (BPMN, DMN & RPA)
  • Integrated Process Mining
  • Expanded ARIS Cloud offering

These new features do not only make change happen, they massively support Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) powered by ARIS. While becoming your single source of truth, an EMS based on ARIS empowers you to be in full control of your organization and thus to turn your business into success.

Where to find more information:

ARIS 10 SR 8 features presentation (Uberflip)
ARIS 10 SR 8 features fact sheet (Uberflip)