ARIS 10 SR6 release

ARIS reinforces your Enterprise Digital Twin with capabilities around professional process modeling and knowledge sharing in large enterprise scenarios. An appealing, easy-to-use end-user interface combined with integrated process mining, performance measurement and GDPR compliance are the features of the newest ARIS offerings that will help organizations achieve Excellence.

Highlights are:

  • End-user experience and support enhancements: UX improvements, smart modeling, and personalized navigation and viewing
  • Business & IT alignment: 100% BPMN 2.0 support attested by OMG, DMN 1.2 support in rich clients, many new features around SAPĀ® solutions, and IoT projects enhanced with real time data
  • Process Mining: Root cause miner, AI-driven process conformance check, new widgets in ARIS Aware, and a pre-configured dashboard for governance, risk and compliance
  • GDPR compliance: Method extensions, new survey templates, dashboards, and reports
  • Large Enterprise Scenarios enablement: Integration with MS SharePoint 2016, intelligent document search, right-to-left language support, and accessibility for handicapped people

Where to find more information: