ARIS 10 SR24 release is available

The new ARIS 10 SR24 is available now. The new features will help you to simplify your life and boost your productivity in Business Process Management. You will experience a transformed user interface and explore the future of ARIS, guided by your personal AI companion.

For all details about the new release please read here: ARIS 10 SR24 available now−Find all news here!

The new release comes with:

Sleek Design: Immerse yourself in a refreshed interface with customizable colors and a streamlined design, making UI customization effortless. Dive into the new web-based custom data views that not only reduce costs but also boost revenue.

Smarter Process Mining: Meet your AI companion for process mining. Simplify access control, safeguard data with pseudonymization, and foster collaboration.

Cloud Efficiency: Discover our enterprise-grade SaaS offering on our public cloud, which accelerates project timelines with a fresh UI and flexible workflows, improving usability.

Where to find more information:

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