argumentList in pub::string::messageFormat

Hello. I’ve used to include a record with multiple strings in Side A to become a single string value on Side B. For the argumentList, we’re supposed to input the string which we want to include in as %RecordName/String1%. My question is, if I have a ‘record list’ within a record, how do i include it in the argument list? I tried entering %RecordName/RecordListName/String2% but after running the service, the value of the variable was not shown. Instead the result just showed it as %RecordName/RecordListName/String2%. Is there another way I should have phrased it to include it in the ‘argumentList’ ?

The problem is the dimension mismatch. Is there a specific entry in the RecordList that you want in the message?

  1. For instance if you are looping over that record list you could map the non-list version of the item.

  2. Otherwise, the variable substitution code supports numeric indexes:


Ok. tried ur suggestion. but didnt work. here’s a more detailed explanation of the current scenario i’m facing.

on Side A :
RecordListName :{

On Side B :
(Just want a long string like this:-)

In Argument List, i put it as

Did i leave anything missing here? Pls advice.

I don’t see where you addressed the fact that RecordListName is an array and you need to select the index of the element you want. The following works for me in an instance the I hardcode two entries in the record list:


If you want to handle any length record list, you have to loop.