argbatch output format

Is there any way to control how the ?argbatch? utility formats its output? I would find the output of the ?argbatch show information? command more useful if I could get it as an XML document.

Luckily the developers have had the same thought :wink:
There’s a parameter that you just have to switch on:

regards Finn

Thanks. I?d thought I had seen this somewhere, but I couldn?t find it skimming through the documentation.

Unfortunately, it doesn?t seem to work with ?show information? ? I get a long XML document with a ?bmessagetext? element containing ?Specification of parameter xmlstyle not allowed!? followed by a ?busage? element.

This is in 4.1.4 ? maybe it?s been fixed in 4.2? I need to install 4.2 soon in any case.