Are there any differences between SAP Adapter 7.1 and 10.1 regarding loading the JCo libs?

Hi folks,

I am currently trying to configure some wM 10.7 environments with SAP Adapter 10.1, but the adapter gets not activated with the error message that the sapidoc3.jar is missing.

I have configured wM 9.12 with SAP Adapter 7.1, where the same approach of providing the jars has worked:

  • place the in the IntegrationServer/instances/default/lib directory and make sure it is executable by the user who will run the IS.
  • place the sapjco3.jar and the sapidoc3.jar in IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmSAP/code/jars/static directory
  • start/restart IS

SAP Adapter 7.1 is using JCO 3.0.20/3.0.21 and IDoc 3.0.14 libs, SAP 10.1 will be using JCO 3.1.4 and IDoc 3.1.1 libs.

OS is Solaris SPARC.

Any ideas why the sapidoc3.jar is not recognized during startup of the Server/Adapter?

SAP Adapter 10.1 Fix 5 is already applied.


Hello Holger,

first of all, the latest SAP JCo 3.1.6 and IDocLib 3.1.2 libraries should be used.

The installation process for WmSAP 10.1 and WmSAP 7.1 is the same, and it is described in details in the WmSAP 10.1 IUG.

Please make also sure to install the latest Microsoft runtime libraries when installing under Windows.

If the problem persists, please post the IS server log messages covering the WmSAP adapter startup.