Appending Multiple files into one in WM

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We are having some funny problem. The thing is we are not able to download the Commerce Bank File for whole month from the Commerce Bank Website. Our requirement is to download the Commerce Bank for every week. Right now we are manually appending the four files in to one file. We have to do this because we don’t need weekely transactions with different header records.

What we need to load is to have one header and all the detail recards for the whole month.

Is there any way in webMethods I can read the 4 weekely files and append all the four files into one file and process it.

I am also attaching the 2 sample files.

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By “download” are you referring to using webMethods Integration Server to retrieve some files by FTP? Does the bank provide a single file, but you can’t download it for some reason? If so, that’s an issue to take up with them.

I’m guessing from your post that the bank only provides weekly files, but you want to process them only once each month. If this is correct, then there should not be an issue with writing each weekly file to disk and then kicking off a service to merge them together and process the merged file once some date is reached or the final file for the month is retrieved.

Why is this a “funny problem”? What specifically do you need to do differently?


Thank you very much Mark for responding immediately!!!

For now Yes I am going to use FTP process to get the files from different server.Actually we have problem when we down load the Commerce Bank Files. So we thaught of downloading the files on weekely basis and process all the four files by end of the month.

Yes Commerce Bank provides us weekely files only. So our plan is to download those 4 files and append them into one file for that whole month and prosses all the transactions.

This is the normal Commerce Bank Flat File Structure:

88,DEPOSIT 421214193888 071100260167881 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214193888 071100267910837 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421221641887 071100267911924 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214193888 071100260296770 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421221641887 071100260168901 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214193888 071100268977954 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214191882 071100268977953 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421221641887 071100268979026 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214191882 071100268977952 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214190884 071100268977951 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,SETTLEMENT 601101309002911 071000504957571 DISCOVER NETWO
88,DEPOSIT 421214186882 071100268977950 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214186882 071100268977948 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214194886 071100268977955 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,DEPOSIT 421214186882 071100268977949 MERCHANT BNKCD
88,SETTLEMENT 601101750517441 071000505058525 DISCOVER NETWO

I the above example:
01 is the dummy record Type
02 is the header record
03 is also header record
88 is the continuation or record type 03
16 is the detail record for header record type 02
88 is the continuation of record type 16 (It’s nothing but overflow of data from record 16)
49 is end of 1st record
98 is end of 1st record
99 is end of 1st record

then the 2nd record 02 starts … 99 end of 2nd record
then the 3rd record 02 starts …99 end of 3rd record

Now I have the 2nd file with the same format but with different header and its details.

Now what I have to do is create a single file out of the four file into one like this:



Yemi Bedu

I would FTP the files to a folder, append them together using a script or simple java service and then use the webMethods Flat File processor to prepare your “monthly” file. I agree with Yemi, that you should ensure that you understand whether there are any differences between the structures of the weekly and monthly files.



Actually the program is working perfectly but the Functional folks are manually appending the rest of the 3 files. The Flat File Structure is defined and I am already loading the Data into Oracle Financials Cash Management Open Interface Tables. The structure of the Flat file is not going to change, only thing is I am trying to append the rest of the 3 files detail records into one file. When I say details it is the Record Type 16 and record Type 88 repeated after every record of 16.

Is there any service in WM I can do? I am not an Java guy. I am an hardcore Oracle Financials Technical Developer. I can do using PL/SQL but wondering whether this can be done by WM built-ins.

Please let me know if there is any service available in WM. I just had training in Wm Integration Workshop.

Thank you so much Mark/Yemi Babu.
Priyatham Kumar Porika


Yemi Bedu

Thanks Yemi,

One of my Colleague is writing a Java service to append all the 3 files to one file and I will take over from there. I think this is much easier rather than putting all that logic in my package and making the code much complex.

Anyhow Thank you so much from your help Yemi/Mark.

You guys are so wonderful!!! Keep it up!!! You guys are rocking
You guys are so helpful when somebody wants some help.

Thank you and have a wondeful day!!!
Priyatham Kumar Porika