API Portal

Hi All,

In wm 10.x do we need seperate license for API Portal ? Or It will come with IS license ?

Also please let me know if Mediator, enterprise gateway these components will come with API portal


API Portal license is separated with IS, actually these two have no relationship.

Mediator, Enterprise gateway runs on IS, so they don’t come with API portal.


Thanks for sharing the info.

However what I heard that in wm 10.x SAG has combined the mediator and EnterpriseGateway in API portal. Is that right ?

If yes then earlier we were not requiring a seperate licence for using Enterprise gateway’s limited functionality. After combining will it require a seperate licence for Enterprise gateway?

That’s not what I knew. Mediator and Enterprise Gateway is for Runtime mediation and threat detection, but API portal is kind of web site for API information query for Design-time. So it doesn’t make sense if they could combined together. I think you may talk about API Gateway not API Portal.

API Gateway is a Runtime for API mediation (just like Mediator but also support REST, Mediator only support WS) and API policy enforcement (like threat detection, message transform, routing and so on). And API Gateway runs on IS as a package (but actually it has its own server), so its license comes with IS license (usually it’s a limited functional license for IS, because you won’t want to use that IS instance to integrate when you set it up as API Gateway).

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Yes you are right. I wanted to discuss about API Gateway.

Thanks for sharing the useful info. It is really helpful.