API Orchestration and Monetization with webMethods API Cloud

Hi There,
I am evaluating the webMethods API Cloud Product Suite, I am wondering to see if there is an API Orchestration feature in webMethods API Gateway, for example i have One API created in API Gateway that API internally connects to multiple APIs at run time(Either sequentially or parallel) and merge the response of those APIs and send back the response to the requester as a single Response.

 Also i used Free trial to evaluate the API Cloud product, i don't see much of the information related to monetization like how to do the payment for any API subscription and what are the different modes of payment gateways available.

 Most of the popular API Management tools does provide these feature as out of the box, but i cannot see that in API Cloud, please share if you have some insights about it.



API Gateway will offer API Orchestration capabilities from 10.3 (Oct2018).

With regards to Monetization, API Gateway does not offer OOTB integration with billing systems but it does provide all necessary REST APIs with their corresponding swagger documentation, to help retrieve the API usage metrics against a given subscription