API Management : Dynamic routing example

Hello I have a native service expose more than 70 endpoints.

So we would like to create a new api from webmethod solution That route all traffic to this native service, is there any way to prevent re-creation of all resources one by one like a dynamic routing ?

I found an example in this forum that explain two methods by using dynamic routing policies via header or context, but in the context part they use always headers so i didn’t understand why, do you have any exammple to implement that ?

Thank you.

Hi John,
You can try few options like creating a common API with one resource like / and passthrough requests as-is to backend. I think even if you use dynamic routing or any routing method, you have to define a number of rules (as you have 70 end points) which will make it very tedious.

It is preferable to create separate APIs in API Gateway and map to native end points according to resources and CRUD operations. This will also help in better governance.

Hope this helps.


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