API Gateway unzipping the content instead of forwarding as-received


There is a SOAP based backend/native service that expects GZipped SOAP content. This Soap service is hosted in API Gateway using just the straight thru routing for http/s transport. Client sends the http request with Content-Encoding=gzip. It throws “API Gateway outbound client encountered Not in GZIP format” error. Apparently, the Gateway didn’t forward the GZipped content as it received from the client. Instead, it unzipped (which it shouldn’t do) and sent the request to the backend service without changing the header (it is still Content-Encoding=gzip but the content it not in gzip format).

Did anyone come across this scenario? Appreciate your inputs/recommendations.


Hi Karthik,

We have an SI for this. If you are using 10.5, it will be available in Fix 10.


Ok. Thanks Clench.

Removed the SI details as that was for internal access