API Gateway - Throttling / Rate Limiting

We have a usecase and are tying to set rate limits/throttling on our API. Currently we are using only API Gateway 10.5 fix pack 8.

We have around 2000+ API/Services. There are around 60+ organizations with around 10 departments in each one of them

Broadly speaking we would be issuing applications for each department(that means around 600+ applications)

We are looking for an approach where APIs are rate limited/throttled per APIs, so that one department doesn’t overwhelm the system.

Having a Traffic Monitoring->Throttling Traffic Optimization policy is not a scalable approach as it is not practical to go and edit a live API and keep adding each department APPLICATION in “Consumer Applications”

Another alternative is to have PLAN/PACKAGE and add APIs into a BRONZE and GOLD plans. Doing this gives us a better choice of activating rate limits on APIs whiteout actually going and modifying a live API directly.

However this has posed us with a problem on how to attach a Package(s) with each department APPLICATION directly from the API Gateway?

Is there a better and more efficient way to do this?
Is it possible to attach applications with PACKAGES directly from the API Gateway?

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Hi Franklin,
The best possible way to tie API packages and applications is from API Portal. You can create packages and plans as per the required throttling limits and create individual subscriptions for departments from API portal.
Hope below screenshots help.

Hello @Prabaa,
Thank you for providing your feedback.
However we are in situation where we use only API Gateway.

Even as per the usecase I mentioned , we have around 60+ organization s with around 10 departments in each one of them. These are not individual users and are applications/systems.

Therefore asking a end user to log into a portal and subscribe for a package isn’t reasonable nor practical.

Ideally this should be possible from the API Gateway, since the same is possible from API Portal and hence there could be possibly some API Gateway internal/admin apis which are being used.

Best Regards,

Hi Franklin,
There are admin APIs governing applications and packages. But there is no API which will provide the link between applications and packages. The below git URL has the APIs and samples which you can refer for admin APIs.


Thanks @Prabaa.

I have already explored the ADMIN/Gateway APIs. None of them support the requirement raised.

I have raised the same with SAG Support. Unfortunately the API Portal uses internal APIs which are not documented nor meant for external consumption.

I have raised this as feature request already.

Best Regards,