API gateway policy -> request processing -> validate API specification

Hi , I have configured header validation using API Gateway IO → particular API (eg - testAPI) → Policies → Request Processing → Validation API Specification → Validate API Specification → HTTP Headers → provided custom header validation , eg as “caller-name” = “test123”.

Now , API Gateway is accepting all the scenario to validate header value i.e. from above case , it accepting original value as “caller-name” , but also with any upper or lower case value i.e. “Caller-Name”, “CALLER-name”, “caller-NAME”, “caller-NaMe” , etc.

Can any one help me to provide any idea to enforce this header validation to one case i.e. either lower case or upper case in API IO Gateway .


The GW policy follows the HTTP specification, which stipulates headers are case-insensitive.
If you want the customize this behavior, you need to implement your validation logic in a custom extension.

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